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What is Vide

It is a marketplace for educational life skills or digital learning video content. The app offers content creators from different industries - from bakers to accountants - to list courses on the platform, for the purpose of sharing knowledge and earning an income through receiving a payment for the content provided.

Turn knowledge into learning products

Vide app allows you to leverage one of the most valuable assets - knowledge - through creating online courses.

Business expansion and growth

Vide App helps you to grow and expand your business by reaching an even bigger audience digitally, with little to no limitation to location and region.

Earn by selling content

Content creators/entrepreneurs are able to directly sell their content to their customers as Vide App provides a digital storage of an entrepreneur's learning products, that allows potential customers to purchase products at a click of a button.

Prevent digital piracy

Vide app restricts unlawful download and piracy as content is consumed through the app only.

Direct line of communication

Vide app offers the convenience of having a direct line of communication and unique way for content entrepreneurs to engage and communicate with their learning community.

Real- time payments

Vide app offers features and tools that enables content entrepreneurs to see and receive real time purchase of their content.

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How It Works

Vide app provides a one-stop collection of different digital learning resources.

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